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Bill DeMain and Molly Felder

WORDS YOU WHISPER (Siesta) • Swan Dive

Last year, in our very first issue of Puremusic, we did a lengthy and in-depth interview with Swan Dive, a most remarkable pop duo from Nashville. They are pop stars in Japan, but too little known in their own country, for the moment.

They are fueled by the relentlessly prolific Bill DeMain, who seems never at a loss for words, for melodies, for hooks and beautiful ideas. You may not have heard it here first, but he will be mighty big someday. And when they open up his trunk of songs, they're gonna cover the floor with his genius.

The other half of Swan Dive is the heavenly pure and always sincere voice of Molly Felder, ooh. Live, she also plays a cocktail drum set very well, and clarinet, very amusingly. One of my favorite singers, anywhere, anytime.

The Words You Whisper is a special project that grew out of Swan Dive's association with Tony Miracle, an electronic music phenom from Music City, he's got a great popular group of that style called Venus Hum. They thought they'd try a couple of songs with the Miracle treatment, and had a lot of fun, stretched it out in a CD and 10" LP (lovely) that was picked up by a Spanish company, Siesta Records (bravo, companeros!). There are other fine players on the recording: Kip Kubin on synthesizers, Jacob Lawson on violins, and Rob Mitchell on drums. One of my favorite DeMain cowriters appears on two songs, urban flower Jenifer Jackson.

As a quintessential Swan Dive fan, it's an absolute gas to hear the great songs of DeMain get this bubbly groove under and all around them, Miracle's amazing, love this record. Picture Bacharach hanging out out with moogs and theremins. Better yet, prove to yourself just how much you really do like electronic music (sometimes) by sampling a few clips of this irresistible record on our Listen page.  • FG

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