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Sarah Siskind

COVERED • Sarah Siskind

Certainly NOT a reference to a Waffle House omelet, Sarah Siskind's latest CD, Covered, wraps the listener in a warm blanket of intelligent lyrics, sung by one of the most promising and unique new voices in Music City.

Pensive Appalachian melodies indicative of her North Carolina roots can be heard throughout the disc, along with strong elements of acoustic folk and contemporary pop similar to The Story (which she cites as her greatest influence). Guitar virtuoso Bill Frisell contributes jazz-tinged solos and electric atmospherics, while noted bassist/power pop artist Millard Powers and drummer Tucker Martine add sparse rhythmic lines.

Siskind, who spent time in Seattle before moving to Nashville, has only twenty-something years of life experience behind her, but her verses reflect the musings of an old soul. On "Chesapeake Shore," she sings about her love of its body of water. "I think I'm ready to go sailing with the big man / There's nothing I don't want to understand anymore...about you." She reveals her youthful wisdom and loyalty on the title track, confiding, "Baby, I got your back."

Released in January 2002, Covered is refreshingly original and modern, but maintains a timeless quality that will ensure a long shelf life.  
• Heather Johnson

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