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Sam Broussard

GEEKS  •  Sam Broussard

In the acoustic opening bars of "That's Us," you already know you're dealing with a serious guitarist, but you don't know yet what you're in for. One basic thing about listening to Sam Broussard is that it's hard to find guitarists of his caliber in the world of singer songwriters.

I knew him first ten years ago, as a respected electric guitarist, a hired gun, he'd made his share of records. A Louisiana man, that's a certain breed here in Nashville. They can play, and they won't be taking any crap from you, thanks very much.

We both moved away from town, I came back. Tried to track him down a couple of times, but you don't get very far trying to find someone named Broussard in Lafayette, LA -- there's way too many of them. So I checked a search engine one day with his name, and up came this singer songwriter with an acclaimed CD called Geeks. Well, whaddya know, Sam's a well regarded singer songwriter type now, might have known. I thought back, and remembered him playing me a song of his in somebody's car tape deck about a 'copter on the roof, and thought "there's a lot more to this cat than meets the eye," but I didn't know what I was in for, or when.

Geeks is a vastly musical release, and the lyrics are equally original and strong. Sam's passionate about a lot of things, especially the human condition, politics, God, music and songwriting. You can read his voluminous "Rants and Fascinations" at his website, I did.

When he's not being an amazing singer songwriter, Broussard is traveling the world with the great Cajun band Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. Paraphrasing his words, he's satisfying the need to play lead guitar, to travel to far off places, and to make a living.

Sam is immensely talented and eloquent, and equally outspoken. He plays the living beejesus out of the guitar, and he ain't dumbing it down, toning it down, or turning it down. It's great. Buy this record.

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