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Any new Ron Sexsmith record is my idea of a good time. But this one is great in a whole new way, and should help to place him much higher in the global field of view, where he belongs. He is truly one of the greatest pop writers in this or any generation.

In every field of endeavor, the true greats make it seem so easy. Ron Sexsmith makes the enjoyer believe that anyone could write fantastic songs. His effortless melodies are simply a joy, and he marries the melody to the lyric like an alchemist, with precious and rare results.

Gotta love that Twangtrust. Steve Earle and Ray Kennedy did a fabulous job producing this record, pulling attitudes and grooves out of Ron's music that hit tape for the first time. It's funkier, it's a little dirtier, and both qualities add depth to the beauty. The lush and the simple pop strokes and brushwork of Mitchell Froom's previous productions are honored and augmented here. The CD was recorded and mixed by Ray Kennedy. It's an excellent job, and an art in itself.

Some luminous Nashville artists make trademark contributions. Brad Jones plays outstanding bass and organ, as always. The lovely Kami Lyle makes a cameo appearance on trumpet on the beautiful ballad "Foolproof." The remarkable Jim Hoke shows up on saxophones, he always takes it up another notch. Kudos to the Twangtrust for using Ron's incredibly talented drummer and cellist Don Kerr on this recording, something we hadn't seen from Mr. Froom. Don also sings like a bird, live and on this record.

This is fast becoming my favorite Ron Sexsmith record, and I love every one of them. He always satisfies. He should be much bigger than a revered cult artist. He's better than that. See, hear for yourself on our Listen page. And by all means, buy this record and play it for your friends.  • FG

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