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Jerry Reed

A Conversation with Jerry Reed

Puremusic: Jerry, this is Frank Goodman calling you from Puremusic.com.

Jerry Reed: Well, hello, Frank. How in the world are you doing?

PM: You know, it's a beautiful day out there, and I'm having a good time. And you?

JR: Having a wonderful time. Had me a great time last night on the lake, caught me a couple of bass, so I feel like my life is full. Well, son, how do you like that?

PM: [laughs] Ah, well, it sounds like you got your priorities straight.

JR: Mm-hmm.

PM: I sure love that new live record, Live Still.

JR: Well, thank you, Frank. We sure had a good time doing it, I know that. It was one of those magical nights.

PM: And some of those people on the stage with you that night go back a hell of a long way with you.

JR: Oh, yeah. My banjo player goes back--well, actually, he's my lead guitar player and bandleader, and he plays the banjo. He can play about anything he gets his hands on.

PM: That's Bobby Lovett.

JR: Bobby Lovett, yeah. He has been with me twenty-one years.

PM: And Mark Thornton, has he been in the band a long time, too? I don't know him.

JR: Mark? Yeah, Mark for about eight years.

PM: Now, is "Ms. Pris" [as credited on the CD] Priscilla Reed Hubbard?

JR: That's exactly right. Been traveling with me for about twelve years. I couldn't do it without Mama.

PM: [laughs]

JR: I'll tell you that right now.

PM: Or without Pig Robbins. [keyboardist extraordinaire]

JR: Yeah. What about Pig?

PM: What about Pig? Oh, my Lord.

JR: Well, there ain't nothing in the world like Pig. I'm telling you that right now. There ain't nothing in the world like Hargus.

PM: I met you one time, maybe ten years ago. You came to my house with Bobby West looking at some Mesa Boogie equipment.

JR: Yeah.

PM: And I believe you bought a bass cabinet that day.

JR: I've still got it.

PM: Yeah, we ran through a bunch of stuff, and you said, "Frank, I don't hear a damn thing in here for me. It's all nice stuff, but it doesn't work for me." And Bobby said, "Well, Frank, why don't we plug him into the bass cabinet?"

JR: Yeah, I still play through it today...

PM: Unbelievable...who knew we'd be on the phone again what's got to be a decade later. That's great.   continue

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