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Neko Case

A Conversation with Neko Case (continued)

PM: Not only are The Sadies in amazing form, but having Carolyn Mark and Kelly Hogan on the sessions is really amazing.

NC: I know. I know. John Rauhouse [steel, banjo, etc.] did a really great job, too.

PM: He's awful good.

NC: Yes he is. And his artery was ninety percent blocked!

PM: Oh!?

NC: You should hear him now.

PM: Oh, so he got it--whatever you call it--fixed?

NC: He got an angioplasty. And now he says, "I haven't felt this good since I was nine!" It's kind of hereditary in his family. They have some heart issues. But man, he's doing great.

PM: Oh, that's great. Who's he working with mostly? He's not out with you right now, is he?

NC: No. He's at home right now. But we've been working on a studio record as well. We've been doing a lot of that.

PM: There's a new album due out from you in the spring, right?

NC: Probably more like fall. We don't have enough lead time for spring right now. And the New Pornographers are recording at the same time, too, so it all takes a little longer.

PM: You've got a Pornographers record coming out near the same time?

NC: It'll probably be out in the fall, also.

PM: You're a hardworking woman.

NC: I know.

PM: Is there any stripped-down solo record on the agenda at all?

NC: Stripped down meaning like another Canadian Amp? Cut in that style? [Canadian Amp is a Bloodshot Records release from 2001 of mostly covers that Neko cut in her kitchen--very starkly Neko, very good.]

PM: Yeah, more like an Amp.

NC: Well, I think on the next record there will be some more stripped-down things, but it's not going to be stripped all the way down, it'll be like...in between the triangle of Amp, Blacklisted and Tigers, really.

PM: Right, right. Oh, that makes sense.

NC: I hope so. [laughs] We don't know until it's finished.

PM: What about the Corn Sisters? [a great old time country act with Carolyn Mark]

NC: Well, the Corn Sisters, we kind of kidnapped Kelly Hogan into our band, and when we go out and play shows, nobody ever uses the word the Corn Sisters, they'd just print our names, so we kind of gave up on it. [laughs]

PM: Right.

NC: But it's better now because we have three ladies instead of two. And we kind of forced John Rauhouse to be in the band too. We tie them up, we throw them in the van to bring them on the road.

PM: Yeah, it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

NC: That's right.

PM: Would you talk to us a little about The Sadies and your relationship with them?

NC: My relationship with The Sadies?

PM: Yeah, and just working with them. Because I think it's a beautiful thing that Tigers will bring that incredible band to a greater, wider audience. And so while we're on the line, maybe talk a little about The Sadies.

NC: Well, I really hope it does expose more people to them, because they're pretty much the greatest live band ever. They're so talented. And I've known this for a long time. We feel very cozy together and easy-going, and we have a lot of things in common. I don't know, we just click. It's nice. I love them. I love them to death. I feel like I'm related to them. It's strange, because I also find them incredibly attractive, too.

PM: Well, yeah, they're all cool-looking guys.

NC: I can't look at them on stage.

PM: [laughs]

NC: Poor Kelly, last night, I thought she was going to pass out.

PM: Yeah.

NC: I was trying to get her attention, she's all, "Dallas is talking to me..."


NC: "Excuse me, Dallas is talking to me right now."


PM: When he talks, I was surprised that it wasn't really super, super low, the way his singing voice can be.

NC: But his speaking voice is still pretty low.

PM: Oh, I was supposed to call his girlfriend, Amanda Schenk, and get a print of that color shot of The Sadies record. That was a really, really amazing photo on Favourite Colours, right?

NC: Do you need it for something connected to the press, or is it for you personally?

PM: No, I just want to buy a print from her, just to frame it.

NC: Aw! Man, that would make her so happy, too. She's a really good photographer. continue

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