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Steve Kimock

LIVE FROM THE WEST COAST  •  The Steve Kimock Band

Steve Kimock is an underground guitar legend. Long and well known to aficionados of bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish, his star is beginning to rise in other quarters, and rightfully so.

He is, first and foremost, a live musician, in the great jazz tradition. A masterful improviser, there are precious few guitarists in the world today that can set a room of any size right on its ear (or on its ass, for that matter) the way that this West Coast scourge can, on any given night. It's a wonder to see the way he can bring huge crowds to their feet, howling for joy and the sheer freedom that his playing generates. The beauty, power, and musical depth that Steve brings to the edge of the stage in concert can take your breath away, and move you to laughter or tears.

To my ears, the real nucleus of this record is the musical brotherhood of Kimock and bass master Bobby Vega, a longtime Steve Kimock partner. These guys are not Berklee School of Music grads in search of their gonads, they are street cats who play like demons. Bobby Vega's groove command is absolute, positively tribal. This is not to belie the vast contributions of Alan Hertz on drums and veteran keyboardists Tom Coster and Pete Sears, both of whom have had long and illustrious careers. There is a palpable telepathy among all the great players on the record, made live in a couple of nights.

I still await the quintessential Steve Kimock record, but Live From the West Coast is a must have release for all fans of improvised guitar and jam bands. It's jazz, rock, funk, it's brilliant guitar.

Get on to this fantastic artist at kimock.com, find out more about him, and buy his record.        • FG

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