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Jenn Adams

IN THE POOL • Jenn Adams

I'd been hearing about this fine artist for some time. Recently I was out at a songwriting competition that KRCL sponsored in UT, and met her. Jenn was last year's winner, and was there (as part of her prize) to open this year's Founder's Folk Festival. Hanging out with her doubled the fun for me; the chick's a hoot. And very talented. She's got one of those voices that seems completely effortless, purely expressive. A deft guitarist, she is comfortable enough with herself and her instrument to put together beautiful songs that flow easily with tonal colors beyond the norm. Ultimately, they seem like vocal vehicles, her voice is the vessel.

Producer Frosty Horton put together an unbelievable bunch of Nashville musicians to do this stellar recording. Really classy to have Greg Morrow on drums and Byron House on bass, that's a nice combination, especially when magic Kenny Malone is on percussion.

John Floridis and the amazing George Marinelli on guitar, Steve Conn on B3 and accordion--that's really hand picked. Suzi Ragsdale on background vocals, Rod McGaha on trumpet and a background vocal cameo by Macolm Holcombe, excellent. For a singer songwriter album, that's as monster a lineup as I've seen anyone assemble in the records we've so far covered. Frosty Horton did a fabulous job with this record; it's so lush, and yet so crystal clear and sparse feeling.

Jenn covers a Dylan classic and does a great treatment of Julie Miller's "Speed of Light," but otherwise wrote the rest by herself, save two with partner Celia Grohman. The woman does extensive touring behind In the Pool, and has a very winning way on stage. For that matter, she's got a very winning way at the dinner table. She's very genuine in both domains, funny and generous. The songs are really well written, and beautifully sung. The band throws down. Excellent record, and it gets the PM stamp of approval. Check it out on the Listen page, and buy it here. • FG

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