I recently dropped by the Manhattan apartment of one of our favorite artists, my friend Jenifer Jackson. She wanted to play me some demos of new songs intended for her upcoming CD with producer Brad Jones. I suggested that I bring a camera and that she play some live for me, and that we could put the video clips up in the next issue, and she was game.

She mentioned that she’d just put the tunes down on tape in her kitchen to send to Brad. When she checked them out later to make sure it sounded clear, she said she was surprised that it actually sounded pretty good. We got to talking about the upcoming record, where it was going to be recorded, the budget, where she was going to somehow find the money, et cetera, and an idea came to me. I said suppose, alongside the video clips, that you offer the kitchen demos for sale to the many music fans out there who prefer intimate or essential recordings, ones that are only available to the insiders, strictly through the artist? Maybe that would help raise some funds to finance the recording, kind of thing. 

So, this is your opportunity to get interactive, and support the cause. We bring you here the first edition of In the House, and offer the Jenifer Jackson kitchen recordings, Completely Solo, for sale. Each CD is $17, a guaranteed collector’s item. Make out your check or money order to Jenifer Jackson (personal checks will take 7 days to clear) and mail it to:

Puremusic Studio
1600 17th Ave. S.
Nashville, TN

Please be sure to include your ship to address.

And now, live from her East Village digs, JJ.

Clip 1
"Summer's Over"

Clip 2
"Don't Fade"
Clip 3
"For You"

Clip 4

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