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Pierre Bensusan

INTUITE  (Favored Nations)  •   Pierre Bensusan

Breathtaking. One is stunned, moved, elevated.

Lord in Heaven, what beauty. It's been some years since I heard a record by this consummate French-Algerian artist, and I was instantly reminded of his unique place in the pantheon of fingerstyle guitar.

His technique is flawless, heart-stopping, but not a moment occurs where it overshadows the actual music, the melody or rhythm. Genre is irrelevant, a small minded notion. There are so many woven deeply into the sacred fabric of these tunes like threads in a fine carpet, they could scarcely be separated from one another without damaging the piece itself. Bensusan's music draws deeper from classical traditions than many guitarists, but blues, jazz and various ethnic styles also appear. Stong Celtic tones, gypsy flair, but everything in perfect harmony. Never lighting on any style for more than a sunlit moment, like a bird going from flower to flower, cross pollinating in flight.

With Intuite, one of the most influential guitarists of this generation leaves everyone else in the dust. He opens up a chasm between himself and the rest of the great acoustic guitarists that is even deeper than it is wide, and it's canyon wide. This is his first solo acoustic instrumental work. If you are a lover of acoustic guitar, this record is calling your name. It's stupendous! Bravo, maestro.  • FG

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