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Bebel Gilberto

TANTO TEMPO (Six Degrees)  •  Bebel Gilberto

Omigod. Pulling my hair out trying to find a fourth record I really wanted to review this issue, this one came around on the player again. When it started, my body went all goose bumps and I ran into the next room to turn it the hell up and stand in front of the speakers and let it wash over me, take me over. What beauty. Majesty.

I wanted something that fit in better with the other artists in this issue, but I am powerless to resist this record. It's so classy that it makes the three CDs I heard on the way to it sound puerile. (Not the ones we reviewed, other ones that will go unmentioned.)

In terms of music in general and bossa nova in particular, this artist is from the deep end of the gene pool. She is the daughter of the great maestro Joao Gilberto and his second wife Miucha, one of Brazil's finest singers. By the age of nine, she'd already made her first Carnegie Hall appearance (with her mother and Stan Getz, as part of Newport Jazz) and was appearing on children's TV shows.

Unfortunately, this stunning release by Six Degrees Records (we're digging them) of San Francisco doesn't offer much in the way of credits, but the playing is instantly recognizable as world class. The production is very modern in ways, retaining all the classic elements of what made bossa nova irresistible to the whole world. In fact, Bebel seems to be on the cutting edge of bringing boss nova into the present millenium. Here we quote from her press release, as we try to hunt up some of these records: "Bebel began working with producers who were bringing the sounds of Brazilian music to contemporary dance floors. Her work with dj-producer Towa Tei on his albums Future Listening and Sound Museum led to a worldwide dance hit, 'Technova,' which she co-wrote. She worked with Washington D.C.'s Thievery Corporation on their single 'So Com Voce' and with Dutch duo Arling and Cameron on 'Sem Contencao,' which first appeared on Brasil 2M, a compilation of new Brazilian music which came out on Crammed Discs' Ziriguiboom imprint."

Ah, there's a big big world of fantastic music out there. We intend to bring you more of it from companies like Six Degrees Records, and David Byrne's label, Luaka Bop. Drop us an email, let us know how you like being exposed to more world music, and what interests you. Most importantly, check out the heavenly sounds of Bebel Gilberto on our Listening page.  • FG

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