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Adrienne Young

• Adrienne Young

One of the brightest moments and best shows at the 2003 Americana Music Conference was the Adrienne Young show at the Station Inn. She's got sweetheart magnetism, and radiates the joy of music making that penetrates even the jaded heart. She placed first in the Bluegrass Category of the Songwriting Contest at Merlefest this year, with "Sadie's Song."

Plow to the End of the Row is an infectious old time disc, with a couple of groovy detours. There are two key partnerships apparent in the record. The first is between Adrienne and Will Kimbrough, one of Nashville's most ubiquitous and gifted players. He's out with Rodney Crowell now, but many have seen or heard him with Todd Snider, Kim Richey, Allison Moorer, or any number of national acts. (Will's new CD will be reviewed in our next issue.) He co-wrote three songs (including "Home Remedy," which is getting some measurable airplay) and co-produced five, adding many fine guitar tracks en route, as well as some bass, banjo, and accordion. The other partnership on the record is with Ketcham Secor and the Old Crow Medicine Show, an old timey force of nature from Nashville. I am very taken with those cuts and that sound--we'll be profiling their new Live CD soon. There are also strong co-writes with Carter Wood, Alice Randell, and Courtney Little.

The artist has a pure and unaffected vocal sound, a sweet low soprano with a bell like tone. She's a solid instrumentalist, too, plays good rhythm guitar and some fine clawhammer banjo. (We're both proud owners of fine instruments by Michigan's Bart Reiter, check him out.) Lots of women come through Nashville for a few to five years, and if a music career doesn’t pan out, they move on to other things. I believe Adrienne Young is a far cry from that. She's got the music in her soul, she's officially arrived, and she's here to stay. • FG

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