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Video featuring Jim Lauderdale by Frank Goodman

[If you encounter difficulty playing the video, you might need the Quicktime 7 Player--download it free, for Mac OS X here and for Windows 2000/XP here.]

I had the pleasure of catching several Jim Lauderdale shows at The Station Inn in May, and these selections are from one of those shows. The red hot dobro player is Randy Kohrs. The inventive Richard Bailey on banjo is unfortunately in a very dim side of the stage--it's a bluegrass room (and a legendary one) not what you'd call a showcase situation.

Ollie O'Shea is on fiddle, a longtime favorite and a good friend of Jim's. When Jim introduces the fine mandolin player, it sounds like Stephen Mogian, but we'd be grateful if somebody would set us straight on his name. Absolutely smoking on the bass is Bryn Davies, always a pleasure. Bryn and Randy Kohrs sing excellent background throughout. 

In true Lauderdale fashion, rumor has it that he's about to release two more CDs. We'll keep you posted on that, and interview him at release time. We think he's the best singer songwriter in Country and Bluegrass music, and know you'll enjoy these live clips.

1. "Time's A Looking Glass"

A great groove, with Bryn Davies at the mic.

2. "Sandy Ford"

This is one of my favorite co-writes between Jim and Robert Hunter, who have now penned many greats together. I remember talking to Jim after they first got together. As I recall, they were holed up in a hotel downtown after Hunter arrived without notice suddenly and started 38 songs in 2 weeks, or something crazy like that. This is a Civil War classic, in my book.

3. "Halfway Down"

This clip starts with some great screwball stuff from Jim, typical of his bedside manner onstage. It's a rippin solo version of a great tune that's been covered by both Dave Edmunds and Patty Loveless.

4. "Highway Through My Home"

I don't have the CD credits handy, and can't tell you whether this is a tune written by Lauderdale, but it's one of my favorites in any live show, and was recorded by Jim with Ralph Stanly and the Clinch Mountain Boys on I Feel Like Singing Today. I can't help laughing at almost everything Lauderdale says on stage, and it sets up a humorous moment before the song starts.

5. Band intro into "Lonesome Road Blues"

There's a lot of vaudeville in any Lauderdale show. He'll do these bits over and over, and I laugh every time like I've never heard it before. The bits are so stupid but his delivery is so great that I find it ridiculously funny. "Lonesome Road Blues" follows, a great breakdown kicked off by Richard Bailey on the banjo. The whole band is kicking ace on this one.

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